Red Flags That Your Parking Lot Needs Repairs

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It’s a good idea to have regular maintenance of your parking lot in Perth before it becomes too apparent that something is wrong. This could end up becoming a costly affair down the road.

Here are a few red flags that your parking lot needs repairs:


Drivers are driving into potholes

The presence of potholes can be an early sign that your pavement needs to be replaced. The small ones might just look like a gaping hole, but large ones will cause greater problems in the future if left unchecked- so don’t wait! Concerns such as these should not be taken lightly, and should be repaired.


The lot lacks lustre

Parking lots are often the first thing people see when they approach your business, so you need to make sure it looks its best. If there’s too much wear and tear on them due to UV rays from sunlight over time then consider coating with a new seal coat that will protect against cracking or warping–and save both money in maintenance costs now!


You’re in a warp drive

If you have a parking lot that’s exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy loads, then this can cause the asphalt pavement – especially if it isn’t freshly laid- to warp. Look out for tire marks in addition to bends; they’re both indicators that suggest an immediate need to repair.


There is a lake in the lot

It’s important to keep your parking lot in good shape. If water is pooling around potholes, then you might have further problems with cracks forming and driving hazards occurring due to the moisture. Contact us today before things get worse, and schedule repairs now, before the rainy season.


It’s cracking

While cracks are a common issue in parking lots, they should not be ignored. Once aged asphalt begins to crack the damage will spread and you could have unsafe conditions on your hands; reach out for professional help as soon as possible so these problems don’t get worse!


“My parking lot has one of these signs, now what?”

Look for a contractor you can trust. Find someone with experience in the industry and references from satisfied customers who will vouch for them too! Additionally, make sure they have knowledge about the types of work needed on your property so it’s completed correctly at all times.


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