Choose From Different Bristle Types For Your Sweeper Or Scrubber

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So, you’ve got your automatic floor scrubber or your riding floor sweeper, and you’re not sure which floor brush or pad to use. Through this article, we will take a deep dive into this topic, and explore the various materials for your sweeper or scrubber.


Clean street sweeping brush types:


  • Side broom: Side brooms are typically used to push dirt, leaves and other small particles in front of your sweeper for easy pickup by the main brush.
  • Main broom: The innovative design of the main broom makes it more efficient than other brooms. The heavy-duty core and spiral rows keep bristles on the floor at all times, which increases the pickup of the debris and dirt.
  • Rotary brush or side scrubber: The side scrub brush is a powerful tool for removing dirt and grime from hard-to-reach places. The stiff bristles are perfect at getting into cracks, while the spinning motion helps loosen any stuck-on insects or other pests that might be living there.
  • Cylindrical scrubber: A cylindrical scrubber is a great option for those looking to keep their floors clean and free from dirt. This brush uses a full-fill design, with long filaments that gently guide cleaner through the bristles as you walk around your home or office building’s floor planks.
  • Pad driver: A pad driver is a professional tool for smoothing and padding floor mats. It has 1/2″ long polypropylene bristles that are trimmed unevenly, making it easy to grip the surface of any pad under tension while driving them into place with authority!


Clean street sweeping row patterns:


  • Single row: The single row pattern is a great choice for sweeping applications in dusty or sandy conditions. It can pick up fine debris but not bulky items, making it perfect when you need to clean out your interior without having any unwanted textures getting into its crevices.
  • Double row: The double row pattern is the most popular sweeping design for a reason. With enough space between rows to trap bulky items and bristles that pick up finer debris such as dust or sand, this type of brush can be used in many settings – from workshops with large machines where you need full access but also want some protection against contacting delicate components without risk of scratching them.
  • Patrol brush (V-pattern): Sweepers like the patrol brush are designed for high-speed sweeping in large areas. With fewer rows and more tufts per row, there’s plenty of space between each line to pick up medium or larger debris such as cans, and paper leaves – even at higher speeds.


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